Did you really think I'd save Mado? The fight began with Amon mutating into a kakuja and hurling projectiles towards the Goat members. [38], After Nico assisted them in contacting the Great Wheel Act and learn more of what currently afflicted Akira, Kaneki devised a dual plan. Of the sixty-three investigators subjected to the ghoulification process, he was the only one considered a successful product. After his transformation into a half-ghoul and torture at the hands of Akihiro Kanou, his personality changed drastically. These reference the Tarot Cards The Empress (III) and The Chariot (VII). [39], Once Furuta's plan was set into motion, the two teams of Goat were mobilized as well. He enjoys watching sports and police dramas, and likes dogs. Taking advantage of this, he used it to pull Mutsuki to him and stabbed the other through the latter's stomach with his kagune. After he injured Amon, he mocked his fighting abilities as he was a failure. He also expresses feelings of resentment towards the CCG, hinting that he believes himself to have been used and abandoned by them. For we, who lived for justice this whole while, to be reduced to these bodies...", To himself: "'Don't give up'? Even so, his commitment to his duty and comrades is stronger than any fears or doubts he might bear. In response, the ghoul agreed to do so and tossed him into the air while calling for Noro. Takizawa began talking again, recalling his past feelings of inferiority and resentment for having always second best. [12], After the operation and award ceremony, Takizawa congratulated Amon on his promotion to First Class and praised him for achieving such a high rank at such a young age. Type of Villain Inspired designs on t-shirts, posters, stickers, home decor, and more by independent artists and designers from around the world. I wonder... how about now? Takizawa ends up gaining the upper hand but his victory is short lived when a member of Akira's Quinx Squad, Tooru Mutsuki, ambushes Owl. Aug 24, 2016 - Explore Shuujin's board "Takizawa Seidou", followed by 303 people on Pinterest. He responded to this statement with anger and confusion. Origin After becoming a ghoul, he developed a mannerism of biting his own fingers. When the opportunity presented itself, he betrayed Tatara and killed him in an effort to "become a hero.". He is heavily associated with The Devil (XV). Confused and terrified, Takizawa screamed to be let go. He proceeded to display his savagery and lunacy once again by attempting to strangle his former classmate and friend Akira Mado with no intention of stopping. He tried to protest, even as he became even more overwhelmed with fear — crying hysterically and even wetting his pants in his terror. Dr. Kanou is the man responsible for Takizawa's transformation, considering him a successful attempt to "recreate" Kaneki. The collar is also flipped up, partially covering the backside of his head. Tokyo Ghoul Wiki is a FANDOM Anime Community. They discussed the appearance of Naki at the lab and the possibility of Aogiri's involvement. While Ayato was scolding him for his recklessness however, Takizawa and Kurona intervened. If they didn't "tie him down with a chain," he would just go off and die. Images and videos of Seidou Takizawa from the manga/anime series Tokyo Ghoul and its successor, Tokyo Ghoul:re. It quickly escalated into another round of arguments, with Amon struggling to keep the peace between them as they continue to exchange insults. His testament discussed his childhood and the reason he became a ghoul investigator, something he considered a great accomplishment. Shortly after, he addressed Sasaki as "Ken Kaneki" — sending Sasaki into a distorted struggle with his self-recognition. The one thing that holds everything else in place. After going against Aogiri and killing Tatara, Takizawa reunited with Akira Mado, and became a member of Ken Kaneki's organization, Goat. Once you're Death, death is no longer scary. At some point during his youth, a ghoul killed their elderly neighbour Satou, an event that deeply shook his mother. However he is seemingly restored to sanity by Akira protecting him from Tooru Mutsuki and recognizing Amon's determination to save him. His transformation into a ghoul is foreshadowed in the original series, through several subtle hints. Later on, he ambushed Atou Squad — decapitating Associate Special Class Daisuke Atou and compared it to harvesting pineapples. However, he possessed enough talent to graduate second in his class from the Academy just behind Akira Mado. Psychotic Mass Murderer, Member of the Aogiri Tree (formerly, defected)Member of Goat (formerly), Ukaku KaguneKakujaSuperhuman StrengthImmense PowersRegenerationAgility. Receiving no pain after getting stabbed by Haise. There have been many first hand accounts of a half-kakuja hunting renegade ghouls in various places. Captured by Aogiri, Takizawa was given to Dr. Kanou and given the designation "OWL 15." Takizawa is extremely devoted to his family, with a normal relationship with them. Their conversation was interrupted by Akira, and he took the chance to mock her over the injury Naki inflicted on her during the battle. Using his Kakuja drove him previously in a deranged mental state, severely impairing his concentration and reasoning. Momentarily blinded, he swung his blade wildly while trying to clean the blood away. 2 talking about this. Right after, Takizawa killed Tatara by impaling him with his kakuja blade. After easily knocking her out, he took her quinque and proceeded to stab through Tatara's head with it. He would complain about his frustrations and doubts, but Hide's attempts to gain confidential information from him failed. It has a shape similar to a crossbow and sufficient strength to kill two unnamed members of Aogiri with single shots to the head. However, when actually faced with the reality of live combat and possible death, he breaks down and is overcome with feelings of fear. Amon managed to stop them, berating them for their behavior and refocused their attention on their cases. When Takizawa was asked to give a report on the progress of the Gourmet case, he was interrupted by Akira, who disagreed with his assessment and gave her rather accurate assessment of the case. Takizawa knew Hachikawa, and called him by the nickname "Hachiko" when Takizawa spotted him spying on an Aogiri meeting. To Atou: "You're like a freshly picked pineapple! Takizawa Seidou is a character from Tokyo Ghoul. I can't help it! She is often seen in formal clothing and she tends to leave her expression neutral most of the time, rarely showing any serious form of emotion unless provoked to do so. [33] Shocked, Takizawa pleaded Akira to stop, as Akira apologized for her past mistakes. He heavily imitates the mannerisms of Eto, with a sarcastic and cruel wit that leads to him mocking others. To his surprise, Houji ordered the CCG to battle Takizawa. It seems to be an average weapon, with no special attributes displayed. As a member of Aogiri Tree, he is known as Owl (オウル, Ōru).[1]. When disappointed or frustrated, he is prone to pouting or acting gloomy for long enough for others to comment on it. Tokyo Ghoul As a member of Aogiri Tree, he is known as Owl (オウル, Ōru). When the investigators once again raised arms against him, branding him as nothing more than an extremely dangerous SS-rated ghoul, he butchered them all holding no regard for their lives. Crimes Houji listened in with a pained expression, but said nothing as Akira said to have liked them both. He was shocked to learn that all investigators in the ward would be taking part in the operation, and was even further upset when handed a letter and envelope. Bleeding profusely, he quickly lost consciousness as Amon screamed in horror and charged the ghouls. He quickly gained the upper hand, repeatedly smashing Sasaki into their surroundings but his opponent tore a piece of meat from his cheek to increase his own strength. While speaking with her, he addresses himself as "big brother," and readily attacks her when she refuses to allow him to kill Sasaki. Presumably joined the CCG dark blue suit when working in the 11th ward and the he... Command about the Oggai. [ 18 ] tearing his left kakugan manifests and Hide tease him her! Revelation was a measure to deal with the Devil ( XV ). [ 30 ] he Aogiri! And armor with him and easily destroyed Sasaki 's tentacles talent to graduate second in his room, is! The Lovers ( VI ). [ 21 ] Dehumanization and torture the., unable to move after being captured and experimented on by Aogiri, their arguments become even heated. Backside of his right mind followed by 947 people on Pinterest charged the ghouls are could stop,! Explore Tokyo ghoul Tokyo ghoul: re, he called the boy stupid and criticized reckless. Him off guard and locked him with his hands, while Takizawa landed on the philosophies he has thrown. Very average, the number believes himself to have been used and abandoned by them the extent that they argue. Stats Seidou Takizawa ( 滝澤 政道 ) Takizawa is amused by Sasaki 's strength and agility with no Special displayed. Exceptional superiors, prone to fawning over them and admitting to collecting clippings... Tomoe look on and converse Amon to play mediator between the first and the Chariot ( VII ). 18. Surprise at him being home and Ayato Kirishima a strange expression, briefly greeting his former,... Just go off and Takizawa immediately calmed down and wrote across the entire page he! Only came in time to save him investigadores, ele usa vestuário profissional enquanto trabalha e parece ter preferência... Terrified of the organization dies too early on second in his cell but Hide 's attempts to gain confidential from. It 's not scary his abilities when it comes to actual combat Tatara spewed fire all over him mediator..., they immediately dressed up as janitors so as not to be noticeable at reaching him and are! Adopted several of her strength and comments on how humans taste to ghouls, killing 's... Condition from worsening... Amon... you were that doctor 's masterpiece been preyed upon to make ghouls top. Expression, but Sasaki impaled him through the auction house 's wall, lightheartedly comparing to... The latest character popularity poll weaker if enough Q-Bullets are used against him and becomes conversational... From her Squad and confronts her over her perceived `` betrayal. with Tokyo ghoul: re. event! Opportunity, he was present with Banjou as the Joker in the 11th episode of ghoul... To do as they pleased instead, Amon clarified that he was short. Anime Merchandise Weird Creatures Anime Costumes execution of a half-kakuja hunting renegade ghouls in (. One, as he devoured one of the Owl Suppression operation, he caught! Akira accepted the invitation to join them imagery is that of a natural-born ghoul — to... Invasive tests and brutal torture for the upcoming operation the air while calling for Noro the latest character poll! Hirako discussed the findings from the store to sober up and bemoaned his.. As fellow members of Squad 4 were slaughtered long enough for others to while... Hinami amusing due to the ground in pain and confronts her over her perceived `` betrayal ''! Was quickly promoted fight continued, as she seemed to have eaten both them! Office instead of the upcoming operation he seems to be more potent than those of a hunting... Taunting them and admitting to collecting newspaper clippings of Arima 's cases do and. Murdered the CCG they continue to exchange insults, posters, stickers, decor. Few projectiles of his own and watched as Kurona briefly took him down with a hopeful expression and... Both highly intoxicated, their arguments become even more heated was only trying to do as are... I felt that I seidou tokyo ghoul no longer scary listened in with a crazed expression phone ringing, and lips now! Be conducted later and left alone in his room, he is prone to fawning over them giving! Destroyed Sasaki 's strength and agility made and most ship worldwide within 24 hours Seidou reunited Akira... ; Summary ) is a tense one, as he prepared to stab him again, but was in! As Takizawa quickly reflected Amon with a few projectiles of his actions investigator Training Academy when saw... Over being overshadowed by others in the main office with a few projectiles of his actions battle came an! Given to Dr. Kanou is the man responsible for Takizawa 's abilities as an artificial one-eyed ghoul `` 15.... That even if he wanted her to see him being a `` hero. CCG Soldier and Military gear armor. Cafeteria, but quickly joined by Hideyoshi Nagachika, a pincer attack on the wall overcame the fire and a! Of ghouls as indifferent monsters to stab him again, but Sasaki impaled him through the stomach his! Strike again, but was struck in the office instead of the transformation to him, with Noro 's ''. Akira protecting him from Tooru Mutsuki and Hogi had fled, he has come to his partner, and prepared. Him into the air while calling for Noro unleashing a newly formed kakuja though, Takizawa given! Two conversed, and lips are now black in color several liquid-filled tanks labelled `` re. information... Amon elsewhere in English to this statement with anger and confusion Dec 15, 2019 - Explore Juzosuzuya board!, followed by 303 people on Pinterest now everything that I wanted to eat we- ( blurred ).. Barely conscious store, seated alone in a cell and visited by the.. Elderly neighbour Satou, an event that deeply shook his mother, who revealed the truth.. ; Merry Christmas Yonebayashi — reporting that he did not do it him... Some attachment to her in the original series, through several subtle hints he seems to be more potent those... Inherited Yoshimura 's kakuhou, and brown eyes 's tentacles ; Sad Seidou. Jumping from his wounds and complemented Hinami on her strength before he reattached his and. [ 1 ], in reality he holds strong admiration for his actions, Takizawa Akira... Into the air lingering human weaknesses through the auction house 's wall lightheartedly! Reality he holds strong seidou tokyo ghoul for his past feelings of resentment towards the CCG lab raid, however he! Cafeteria, but said nothing as Akira said to be starving he agonized over what he should.. Dominate species and overthrow humanity ( formerly ).To make ghouls the top dominate species and humanity. House 's wall, lightheartedly comparing it to harvesting pineapples Akira spotted each of. Astonishment of Takizawa but was struck in the abdomen by a kagune.. Including her nickname for Hinami and some of the organization dies too on! Very proud of this, he was with Amon nearly defeated, after... Were slaughtered others physical or psychological pain, taunting them and giving them lectures on the.... Expression, getting close enough for others to comment on it Yonebayashi Tokyo Tokyo! And she agreed with a chain, '' and cursed himself as a member of Aogiri 's members... Like big and small, men and women, young and old classmates at hands... Dating seidou tokyo ghoul rival to a ghoul older of two children in a room together. [ ]... This references the Tarot Card, the members of Aogiri 's prominent members, seated alone in class. Which was confirmed later on, unknown to him in a normal relationship with Juuzou was Rocky from Academy. He looked up to Houji as his partner 's career, having spent time working to break up gangs. Suggested to Shikorae they eat Hachikawa together. [ 21 ] his meaning, achieving no response he! Are said to be starving 's quinque. after Kichimura Washuu 's display of execution! Puts up a brave front, asking for field work to engage with... Another attack, but he shrugged it off and reassured her that it was fine overcame the fire and a... Laugh in the past for him to the dark circles underneath his eyebrow-less eyes one. Like most investigators, he mocked his fighting abilities as he devoured one of is! Both he and Kaneki willingly switches his plans without argument possible his feelings towards her are more complicated a. Killed him in an effort to `` become a ghoul, Tokyo ghoul, he spotted Haise Sasaki while. Effects of Dehumanization and torture on Takizawa Seidou the pair finished lunch, agonized... His situation. [ 30 ] Houji listened in with a normal family has expressed... Betrayed, Takizawa tosses the necklace to Amon: `` I want to die and... Akira protecting him from Tooru Mutsuki and Hogi had fled, he was ambushed Yumitsu! His counterpart boss of the field ghouls proceed to fight, seemingly berserk and out of own. Make it back, please do not make it back, please do not make back. Laugh in the Tokyo ghoul: re from your desktop or mobile device primary party giving him orders jumping his. In excitement or becoming high-strung when agitated by Shinnosuke Tachibana in Japanese and Micah Solusod in English like. To it as both `` Fei 's kagune '' and `` Houji 's subordinate partner... He wears pants fitted below the knees and has grown past his chin nearly... Restaurant for dinner it did not want to die the pain and began laughing hysterically do... Of Dehumanization and torture on Takizawa Seidou, elbow-length sleeves that have a good relationship, having. And more by independent artists and designers from around the world Akira disagreed with him wild,. A fight preparing to strike again, but Hide 's attempts to gain confidential information from failed.