He was nominated as a featured artist on Frank Ocean's Channel Orange, which was an Album Of The Year contender five years ago. Singles or Tracks only. But today, the art of the music video has evolved well past visual experimentation, as music-makers push the medium toward meaningful social statements, moving storytelling and truly original art. Yet the GRAMMY-nominated sitarist/songwriter found new, more personal territory to explore with Love Letters, exemplified by the album's lead single, "Loveable" featuring Cuban-French twin-sister duo Ibeyi. The Best Music Video nod also includes a nomination for the video's producer, Harv Glazer. Mars won Best Pop Vocal Album four years ago for Unorthodox Jukebox. While you'll have to wait to closer to the show to find out who the performers and presenters are (which are always announced in multiple waves), what's certain is things will be off the chain. 43. https://www.billboard.com/.../awards/9489321/2021-rock-grammy-nominations 8. [CDATA[/* > * /